It has taken me what feels like an eternity to do it, but I finally have my blog set up on my own domain using WordPress. made that set up super easy, so thanks to them – I have been using them since 1997 for hosting services. I am working with Jeremy Blanton from and getting it set up, so pardon any little FUBARS that occur along the way. Also a huge thank you to Jeremy for putting up with my demands at reasonable and unreasonable hours as we hammered out design and layout and still do – as a former Sr. Web Designer and Developer I am probably a nightmare client for him, okay definitely a nightmare client. #ownit 😉

I originally intended to use Genesis for the theme, but Jeremy wants me to use Headway on this (it is great), so I will use Genesis for my pure real estate site – their agent theme is awesome, I just don’t have the time to do my own customization right now. Thanks to my friend Chris Brogan for introducing me to Genesis (you can get Genesis through an affiliate link on his site like I did).

So – stop by and visit, watch it evolve too!