I wrote a post yesterday about my experience and feelings on automated direct messages and people failing to “engage” so today I want to know, why do you socialize?

One of the comments I got on yesterdays post was that everyone is selling something. Are they? Are you? What are you selling? I think there are a lot of people that are selling or promoting intentionally but how they do it is what makes the difference in my opinion.

If you own a business and you use social media to build a network of people who might be interested in your service and humanize those efforts I think that is great.  If you are a business that just sends out your URL and nothing more, offering no value or reason for people to notice you, I think that isn’t great.

I never started interacting in this space to build business; I started because I like people.  In the last two plus years has that changed? Yes it has, as I discovered that I could do both at the same time, a much more effective use of my time.  I have fun and I get to help people with real estate and now with social media. I learn something new every day.

The most difficult part of social media I believe is that a lot of people don’t “get it” – get how to interact, engage and grow. I am a people watcher and I enjoy analyzing what other people are saying and doing. I observe the patterns and the nuances. I look at their bio’s and blogs; sometimes I pick a specific person and try to find the “secret” behind their interactions.  It is just what I do and how my brain works, I enjoy figuring things out.

We all have something to sell. Whether it is a product, service or ourselves as human beings – we each put something out there hoping someone will respond and show interest.  The human need for validation is strong. I talk about “own it” a lot, to me that means coming to terms with the things we are not comfortable with, no matter what that is. So maybe it is time to own your own reason for being here? Sales isn’t such a bad word is it?