I need to do more videos, I feel like I am falling behind and need to make that a priority. Although I so often feel as though I am falling behind on a multitude of things, the reality is I am pressing forward on so much, the progress is divided into too many things to often be as visible as I would like, but THAT is another post unto itself.

To communicate via video is fairly comfortable for me, at one point in my college career I was a Communications major, and specialized in broadcast for TV and Radio.  I was never comfortable in front of the camera, but was completely fine behind the mic at any radio station, talk or music – all worked for me.  I still do the radio thing once in a while, and it is fun, especially when WDEL’s Rick Jensen needs a fill in, Laurie Bick and I will head right over and have the best time.

Video is becoming such a huge part of this world now, in how people are communicating, and in what they are communicating.  So I will try, but I won’t just do it – I will figure out the WHY and HOW first.  In the interim Eleanor Thorne (@isellmoney), asked me to do a video or write something for the upcoming Real Estate Bar Camp Raleigh Durham (REBCRDU) which I will be attending, doing a few sessions (or as many as she wants me to) and giving the opening remarks.  I made this video for her quickly last evening while at a gathering, noticing after it was done my eyes are half closed from the light and being tired, but hey – what do I say – #ownit.

REBCRDU See you there video.

There is another one on my YouTube channel, and perhaps I will spend some time organzing the videos out there of me so you can find them on my channel.  First I need to do about 500 other things.