I have had a lot of people telling me how much they love this video. I cringe  when I see myself on video. It is old conditioning, childhood fear, or just complete and total lame and residual self-hate from earlier in life. Whatever the case may be, part of my whole “own it” philosophy is getting past any fear and hesitation I have.

So, here is my official “Join” video I was asked to make for Coldwell Banker, I went for serious as I thought that was appropriate and what the brand means to me and its traditions, and history. Did I want to do something funny? Well of course, serious isn’t my most comfortable place, but I can be.

Are there a lot more videos of me out there? Not many, but more than I care to watch. I do watch them, and I do make notes – and I do try to improve. I might even try doing some Videos for the Blog.

So, enjoy.

And the outfit (since I have gotten countless DM’s asking) is White House|Black Market, and too big – maybe I will start auctioning off my clothes, like Missy Ward does for shoes for charity =)  Secondarily – no it is not my kitchen, my Clients graciously permitted me to film this in their home while I had it listed for sale. This was shot back in April I think, maybe earlier – with the flip sitting on the microwave. Who would have such a clean kitchen? No one actually lives that way.

And here is the full “Join” video that some of our Coldwell Banker Social Media crew participated it… watch out world, here we come. 😉