As I made my journey from my home, to and through the airport and then sat on my flight from Philadelphia to Salt Lake City today, enroute to San Jose, I encountered a number of situations which reminded me the importance of finding the fun and humor in every aspect of life, the simpler things.

People take their lives, and the demands of being an adult in 2010 far too seriously. We don’t live anymore, we live to work! To provide for our families, to maintain the presumed status quo. Who sets the rules?

Far too many people lose sight of what we all wanted as kids – just to have fun. I recognize life isn’t that simple, but I think it is high time to bring the simple back to life.

Take 30 minutes and do the following, more time if you need it. You must be brutally honest with yourself to suceed with this exercise. Use a pen and paper and write the answers down for future review.

1. When are you your happiest and most joyful in your life – the here and now?

2. What in your life is the least like you thought it would be? Does that disappoint you?

3. What do you most want to change in your life but feel unable to change? What prevents that change?

4. If you could have a clean slate right now and paint your ideal life for tomorrow what would that look like? (Include people, places, work, as if describe the life you desire to live).

5. Realistically – what one thing can you do right now to make your life simpler?

I know someone who did a similar exercise and admitted they didn’t want to be a parent, and didn’t want to have a spouse. They found a solution to make their life better, simpler – more joyous.

That kind of honesty is tough. Can you really dig that deep?

I did this myself a while ago, and keep revising my list. I think it is a lot like what I went through as I packed my bag last night – the bag got too heavy, and too much of a burden in size. I kept trying to make adjustments, but just felt it wasn’t going to work with that bag (it also had a broken rail). I grabbed a smaller bag, removed the things that were “complicating” the process and moved everything else to the small, more compact bag.

Isn’t it time to make your life smaller and more compact?