Jay Thompson (@phxreguy) is a hero of mine.  A distinguished real estate professional, with years of service, and

At RE Bar Camp NYC Jan 2010

A quick snap at REBCNYC2010

 standards beyond reproach – Jay is a shining example of what we all should strive to be in this industry. 

Not so long ago, a group of us “RE.net” folks began a passionate discussion about bringing a higher standard of professionalism to the real estate industry.  We felt that it was far too easy to become a real estate agent, and something needed to change. 

We were merely bringing up the same discussion that seems to cycle around and around.  Looking back to Jay’s post of September 22, 2006 – you will see that he hit the nail on the head, I only hope he hasn’t been hitting his head against a wall too often over this, since then.  It is a frustrating topic and little changes, we hope this time it might be different. Listen to Jay talk with Michael McClure, Todd Waller and I on the Raise The  Bar BlogTalkRadio show.

Jay is my first featured real estate professional – his blog is extraordinary, and he is too. He brings his love and passion for real estate to the world, and shares it all with us selflessly. I have been fortunate enough to spend sometime with Jay at a few events, and it is always an honor. I am so happy to call him one of my friends.

So please, read one of the best posts on Raising the Bar I have ever read, from one of the more passionate real estate professionals, compassionate human being, and dedicated blogger, Jay Thompson.  And while you are visiting Jay’s blog – please help our friend Joe Ferrara (@jfsellsius) by clicking the link on the top right of the page to donate.

It Is Past Time to Raise the Bar!