As Blondie sang it, so it goes. Well, not really but I certainly have a definite opinion on telephone communication.  Since the first cell phone was introduced (and likely had its own vehicle to transport it), the evolution of the cell phone has been at nearly warp speed. With today’s cute little PDA (not public displays of affections all you OK! magazine readers) and “Smart Phones” (mine isn’t too smart, I more or less control it) something has been lost in this form of communication I feel.

Cell phones are inherently cold. The tone, the method, the style.  There is nothing warm and comforting about them, or in my opinion – in any conversatsion had with one. Argue as you will, there are those in the school of “no landline, cell only”, and thats great for them, but I will never be in that crowd.

I picked my phone for the quality of the calls, not the browser, not the neat apps, and not even its awesome ability to store data (I like my Blackberry Curve from Sprint).  I like to have a clear conversation, and one thing I always analyze as I talk to people on a cell phone is the quality of the call. This has a very important impact on any call, especially personal phone calls.

I use my cell phone all day long, as a Real Estate agent (and social media “whatever” for real estate) – I am nearly always talking on the phone when I am not at an appointment, with a client, speaking or teaching. This is what I have discovered, and my “theory” of cell phonnes.

A cell phone is wonderful for straight forward cut-and-dry business, clearly conveying points, which are often short and succinct conversations. Perfect, ideal – my stamp of approval. And I also must add – Blackberry to Blackberry communication amongst the smart phones wins hands down for clarity (I have experience, but I don’t have numbers, I can make them up if you want? 100% of my Blackberry to Blackberry calls sound better than 99% of my Blackberry to Android calls, and that IS about right).

Then there is a personal call. Not quite sure why, but it seems a majority of my friends seem to have Androids now (DROID, funniest notification EVER, I have been known to text people over and over just to hear that, it amuses me to no end). The problem here is when I talk to my friends, I REALLY like to hear them, and not have any of those awkward “What the hell did they say? I don’t want to ask them to repeat themselves for the fifth time so I will just pretend I understood”. I call that the “cut and run” conversation. I have far too many of those with my DROID owner friends.

Full disclosure to my DROID friends – your phones aren’t clear, it sounds like we are talking to you underwater, it is really awkward, and not truly conducive to a good conversation or communication points. Intonation is lost, as are subtle nuances of a conversation. I think that is generally the case of cell phones, but the DROID seems to exemplify this – great browser you say, my laptop has a great browser, so does my iPod Touch, the Blackberry is adequate.  I would much rather be clearly understood than wowed by a webpage in my car.

I prefer to have as many conversations as possible on a land line, especially with friends, when things are not so cut-and-dry, and you may discuss so many topics, emotional or otherwise, to be able to clearly understand someone is the most important thing to me.  I will have a land line for as long as I am able, deferring to it for clarity in any conversation of great importance, or when I want to truly hear and understand what someone is saying.

So there you have it my friends, if you have spoken to me on a DROID and my response made not sense, or I sounded like a moron because I didn’t understand your point – ummm, guess what… no one else can either and they are pretending. Now would you please go get a REAL phone so we can all talk to you again?