Part I:

“I make no apologies, I do not intend to be rude, or crass, or insensitive, I just say it as I see it. If I am wrong, I will admit it and make a  TON of apologies” – Me.

Important Facts about me, my operating principles:

People First. Always. That is my rule. I meet a person, I talk to a person, I decide if I like that person, then I may learn about that person from the person, or from research later, but before I ever “research” a person, I meet them. Sometimes I don’t research at all. Sometimes that upsets people.  People first. It is how I operate, always have, always will (unless I am doing an interview which rarely happens, then I research, or meeting a Head of State or something, can’t seem totally clueless).

Genuine. I am me, I make no apologies, I would take a bullet for most anyone I know. I am fiercely loyal and protective of my friends. The amount of inside info I have in my head makes the likelihood that my head will explode a distinct possibility, but it stays there, or I die with it.

Committed. I am committed to the causes I believe in, and just as fiercely as I am committed to my friends. I should probably also be committed and/or medicated at times.

Funny. I need the funny, I want the funny. Humor in everything I do. If you don’t laugh, I failed.

That being said…

I attended an amazing event yesterday. The State of Delaware has an Emerging Technology Center, and in that they coach people through the steps of building a successful business, to encourage entrepreneurship, and expand the economy in doing so.  I was asked by the Delaware Economic Development Office to be an instructor in their Boot Camp this Saturday to bring my social media expertise to them in a way that would help the selectees business grow.  Ken Anderson is a great guy and it is difficult, no- impossible, to say no to him.  Last night was the “Meet and Greet” at Delaware State University in Dover.

I was exhausted when I arrived, but was quickly reenergized by the excitement and buzz in the room.   I took some time and sat at various tables talking to the program participants, listening to what they were proposing and seeing if I could help them to accomplish their goals.  I heard some remarkable ideas, a new Daycare concept, new neurological drug developments, a cool place to hang out, a college transportation system, alternative energy, and more. What an amazing group of people, with such diverse ideas.  We moved into presentations, and each instructor spoke for a few minutes about what we do, and why we do it. Then it was time for the selectees (there is an application and selection process, this is a very big honor for these folks) to stand up and tell them about themselves and their business concept.  Wow.  I was so moved, so impressed, and I only wanted to think of who I could connect them each with to help them succeed.  I looked at my Blackberry, Twitter was the answer, but not the option.

I was beyond frustrated as I sat there, taking photos, and waiting. I would ask people to tweet for me later when I got home.  When I did, I had little luck finding people around to help. I wanted to share… these people deserved that,  someone out there might be interested.  My hands were tied, or my fingers were (past-tense, my fingers still ARE tied). I can not express in words the sadness and emptiness I felt at that moment, and I felt all night, until this morning. I felt as though I was a singer without a voice, a musician without an instrument (yes I have melodramatic tendencies, not too obvious huh?), this was a problem.  I had to resolve this.  The $50,000 stumbling block stood in the way of the 50,000 tweet.

When I awoke this morning I had a sense of peace and zen. As I had slept I had decided I knew what the resolution was.  With the advice from a friend, I was determined to summarize, resolve, and move on. This is what this blog is about.

The History:
(To be continued…)