It is very difficult for me to sit by and watch great information scroll down my screen, and I can not share it.  I read wonderful blogs, or articles, and I can’t share it.  Perhaps I won’t be able to again, I don’t know.  So far it is not looking terribly hopeful.

Tuesday is the deadline.  Tuesday I will be in NYC for the #140conference (come see me on the Real Estate panel on Wednesday afternoon, with Eric Stegemann, Amanda Woernick, Bob Watson, and Diane Guercio), and I want to tweet and share the experience.  I don’t think that is going to happen.

I am not feeling hopeless, just disappointed.  There are 34 girls in Kenya who need our help, and I would have thought with all the great buzz and support of the “Twitterati” we would have gotten there by now.  Once again, the story is not in the public eye, it will be, and you will care more when it is, I know you will.  You WILL want to have trusted and contributed before (#justsayin).

A lot of people have been posting questions to me, I can’t answer you if you don’t follow me, so I am sorry if you feel as though I am neglecting my duty to explain my actions, I truly wish I could reply.  Yesterday I actually broke down and asked a few people to help me with one such request. I was nearly in tears as I sat mute and helpless to demonstrate the qualities of this effort.

What I wonder about the most is our sense of community.  We are a community, working together, building relationships and friendships. Making connections. When one of those people who we have connected with, and who we have established a trusting relationship with reaches out and states they need help, we shouldn’t question, we should just do whatever we can. I just wish I saw more of that right now.

I wanted to say something since I can’t respond on Twitter, and I am failing to engage, and I am feeling badly for those that are not aware and think I just stopped talking to them. That hurts too.  I was surprised that even a few “good friends” were not aware of what we are doing even today.

Please…. dig deep, make a small sacrifice like @shari_tweets has been doing everyday… Everyday her husband still has his job she is giving $5. Can you commit $1? $2? $100? 

Look at your life, and consider what you can sacrifice just one time, to help these girls in Kenya and Mothers Fighting For Others.  We can make a difference together.

I wish I had $50,000, I would give it all myself.  You can always make more money, but you can’t always change someone elses life.