You’re on your way to a meeting, and you’re thirsty.  A vending machine beckons from the hallway; you stop and don’t think twice while you give it your $1.25 for a nice cold soda or water.  The machine dispenses your salvation and on you go.

Did you notice the automatic response? Did you think twice about putting the money into the machine for the immediate gratification of that thirst quenching goodness (admittedly I bet you weren’t really even thirsty, we are just conditioned to have a drink with us at all times, there is a bottle of water sitting next to me now, but THAT is another post).  Now, step back and think about that process.

You didn’t even think twice about inserting the money into the machine.  You had it, it was extra, it is only $1.25, does it really matter? Yes it does. How often do you do that? How much would it add up to? Could you have just gotten a cup of water from a kitchen sink instead?  Could you give up that purchase just once? Twice? Thrice? Forever?

That is what we are asking you to do to help Mothers Fighting For Others.  Instead of putting that $1.25 into the vending machine and making “gigantic soda conglomerate” richer, why not give that to 34 orphan girls in Kenya, or any other charity you support. If you want to keep the money local give it to your local food bank, or soup kitchen.

It is about giving, it is about caring, it is about our global community and the people you can’t see who are suffering near and far.

Stop. Think. Act. Donate.

What are you willing to sacrifice to help someone else? Small sacrifices do make a difference.

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