Today was a rollercoaster.  Normally I love a good rollercoaster ride, the loopier the better, now those ones that dive and turn under – I can skip that, but take me through a few corkscrews and life is glorious.  Today was just a Real Estate rollercoaster, but I don’t even want to get into it.  My snark level on twitter would have been OFF the chart.  My clients lost a dream house, and I lost my clients. I hate real estate at the moment.

I was wallowing in self-pity (sort of still am) and the question of how do you eat a gummy bear came up. I immediately responded “Bite the head off”.  Right? How else would you do it?  Does biting the gummy bears rear-end off appeal to you? Or are you an arm/leg nibbler? Now if you are a REAL gummy bear connisseur (which I am), what brand do you eat? Haribo is the best, the originator, and the only one. Black Forest is a lame attempt at the REAL gummy bear.  Then there is the seasoning of the gummy bear.  You need to open the bag slightly and let it sit for a few days, makes them a lot chewier.

I love gummy bears. They offer protein, no fat, and are convenient. Don’t leave them on the car on a hot day or you will have a melted mass of gummy bears, which slightly resemble a very lovely stained glass, or Murano glass piece.  I know these things, for my first year as a REALTOR I ate only Haribo Gummy bears when I was working (I have a fussy tummy and they made me happy). I don’t eat them as often anymore, but still know, the correct way to eat a gummy bear is to bite the head off.

Sometimes you just have to bite someones head off. So how do you eat a gummy bear?