Spring is finally springing in most of the country, flowers are blooming, trees are budding, and your listing photos are looking awfully stale.

Remember, every  time the season changes, you need to take new photos of any listings still on the market. Fresh photos are the key.  It is really all about psychology and perception in the marketing of your real estate listings, why would someone want to see a house covered in snow, or with dormant trees in the yard when the photos of the next listing they encounter shows them leafy green trees and beautiful blooming tulips? Which makes you happy? Think about it.  A basic human need for happiness and joy is satisfied in a very easy way.

So grab that camera, turn the flash on (even outdoors, you would be amazed), and get snapping, as well as the other two tips below:

  1. Time to take new photos of your listing! Not just outside, but inside too. The angle of the sun changes throughout the year (that is the whole equinox thing, and planet spinning around the sun, but go take astronomy yourself), and with that the appearance of a room. Turn on all the lights, and begin snapping away. Be sure not to be lazy, remove the yard sign before taking new photos, and clear any clutter out of rooms, take at least ten photos of each room, and a variety of angles, so you have choices, then rotate them on the MLS and peripheral sites. Fresh content is the key to SEO!
  2. Restage your listing. Go through the home with the Seller and make changes, add flowers, switch out any fabrics that might be dull and dreary with brighter and more cheerful ones. This is advisable any time of year, but more so coming into the Spring/Summer market.  Change the settings on the dining table too, and maybe even have Vivaldi “Four Seasons” running on repeat for Spring over and over again for any showings. Don’t forget the “wow” moment when they walk in the door, how will you provide that?
  3. Have a “relisting” appointment with your Seller, reset the expectations for the market conditions, and discuss the Tax Buyer credit coming to an end, they don’t have much time to capture it, and if they are priced correctly (I recommend 1-3% below the last comparable property sold), they should have an offer quickly. Stand firm, that is your name on the sign, sometimes an overpriced listing is just not worth having.  Better to be the second or third agent than the first.  They will blame the Agent for the failure of their home to sell, so use this time to re-educate your Seller, bring new comps, show them market statistics.  Know their personality type so you can properly direct the conversation.

What else would you do to get your listing sold today?