You would be amazed how many REALTORS think that everyone knows about the tax credit.  You would be even more amazed to learn how many consumers are not aware they are eligible.  There has been so much discussion of the First Time Buyers tax credit, that the Move-Up credit has been all but buried. Educate the consumer, that is your job.


As a Real Estate Agent, you should do the following 3 things if you want to get a few more clients active before the April 30, 2010 contract deadline:

1.       Call your COI/SOI. Tell them ALL, the ones that closed yesterday, to the ones that closed 20 years ago. It doesn’t matter whether they are interested or not, they WILL know someone who is.  ASK them who they know, ASK for the business. Have literature prepared to send them, fax them, or drop off. Schedule two hours each day this week and next to get results.

2.       Call, or visit, every one of your clients who closed in 2005 or earlier, these folks should have equity, and are eligible (more often than not) for the move-up credit of $6,500.  Tell it is also the bottom of the market, the investors are back, they should seize the chance.

3.       Take it grass roots – go door knocking. Leave a flyer, or a card custom printed with a link to all the information they need on your blog.


This is your opportunity, this is your only chance. The credit will not get extended, as much as we need it, I really truly believe the Government can not, and will not, extend the credit.